About us

ScryptCube has been selling computing power (Hash rate) since 2016. Until now, the main focus of our work has been cooperation with large B2B clients, but in 2020 we decided to enter the wide user market.

ScryptCube allows you to engage in cryptocurrency mining from anywhere in the world, and our main goal is to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the initial contribution, experience, or technical knowledge of the user. We provide an opportunity to mine cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Beam) using equipment located in our data centers, as well as in the computing centers of our partners.

The maintenance of the mining equipment and technical support of clients is ensured by our company’s experts, whose many years of experience guarantee the safety and reliability of the service. ScryptCube uses only the most efficient equipment, which not only positively affects mining, but also makes Mining Plan prices one of the most affordable on the market.

NB! Cryptocurrency mining is a high-risk activity. The company is not responsible for changes in mining difficulty or the rate of cryptocurrencies, which at different periods of time can significantly affect the number of coins mined. We provide a guarantee of the equipment, but can not guarantee a profit.